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The Surrounds
The Surrounds
ink on paper
95cm vertical X 150cm horizontal

When taking walks in my neighborhood of Friedrichshain, in former East Berlin, I sometimes try to imagine who has lived here before the Wall came down in 1989, or who grew up here afterwards, and who is one of the many hipsters moving to this neighborhood for its reputation of having still relatively affordable rents, a lively party life, an abundance of clubs and restaurants, and high tolerance for outdoor drinking and smoking both tobacco and cannabis. Friedrichshain has a high acceptance of homeless people, and seems to support them through handouts and by hanging clothing and blankets on park fences, which is is a good thing. However, combined with an abundance of trash on the sidewalks, as well as people not cleaning up after their dogs, Friedrichshain is one of the messier Berlin neighborhoods. This drawing might show two hipsters from the west, cornering and Easterner—all three are somewhat high, whether from coffee, or drugs, making the sidewalk under their feet shift.