curtis goldstein

Since 2015, I have collaborated with Matt Lynch, founding member of the collective Simparch, to produce laser-cut high-pressure laminate mosaics that examine labor, industry, culture, and nature. Besides using traditional art supplies, I also incorporate materials connected to the subject of a work. For example, I will collage with real post consumer waste to show its connection to a distressed landscape, or Matt and I will use Formica laminate, a building material manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, to create mosaics about manufacturing in Cincinnati, Ohio. Through action, representation, allegory, metaphor, and humor, I seek to externalize my perception of the world, and relate to how others experience it, and to explore how people leave their marks upon and reshape it. I am interested in tools and how things are made, natural history, human history and popular culture, cycles of life and consumption, the effects of time on objects, people, and memory, tensions between nature and technology, interpersonal relationships, and the psychology of contemporary life.