laser-cut mosaics > L'dor V'dor

The concept of L’dor V’dor, From Generation to Generation, is represented in Hebrew text and through symbols of Jewish history.
From bottom to top, the colors becoming increasingly lighter, suggesting a progression of time and space, like the flickering light of a candle flame that burns and then rises up, its motion connecting past, present and future. The flow of time, the movement of people and the searching for a home are woven together in the living Jewish experience, and are referenced by the images contained in the mosaic. From bottom to top:

History- The past is represented by curls of sea water- life's oceanic origins and biblical tales such as the parting of the Red Sea and the journey to find the Promised Land.

The Present- The Chai symbolizes life and acts of love and generosity. Created by combining the Chet and Yud, which are the eighth and tenth Hebrew letters, together they translate into English as life, their symbolic meaning is giving life. For this reason, traditionally Jews often give in multiples of eighteen.

The Future- The dove returned to the Arc carrying an olive branch, assuring Moses and his people that the floodwaters would recede and that somewhere a future land awaited them.