work > Genius of Alcohol 2019

Hi Jen,

As Matt has already mentioned to you, we would love it if you might consider joining us to create a mosaic that is a retake of the Tyler Davidson/Genius of Water temperance fountain located in Fountain Square. Our plan is to synthesize its central figure with an atlas motif. We like the idea of flipping the original intent of the drinking fountain—keeping thirsty folk out of saloons and away from beer—to become a centerpiece for the new Central Trust nightclub!

To that end, the globe that the New Atlas is holding will be an allegorical map of temperance, taken from one created in 1846 by William Meacham Morrill (see attachment). We think this will provide humor and thoughtful reflections on morality, while adding to the old Deco Bank’s immersive historic spirit.

It would be an honor if you agreed to be the model for a central figure. We feel that you possess the necessary prana worthy of statue-hood! Also, your reputation as a public artist/figure is admirable, but also desirable in creating a genuine connection to the people of Cincinnati. We offer you latitude in creating the subject’s costume, and only ask that in some capacity it mimics the costume worn by the “Genius of Water” in Fountain Square.

We are very close to completing the design. Still kicking around a few ideas about background and minor elements surrounding the central figure. And, we need to finalize our ideas with the owners of Central Trust. This is going to happen soon. Curtis can come down to Cincy this Thursday, Sept. 27, or next Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Please let us know if you’d like to meet one of these times, and maybe even take some pictures, if you are ready to jump in.

Matt & Curtis