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C.U.G.O. the Cleaner
C.U.G.O. the Cleaner
ink on paper
82cm vertical by 73cm horizontal

Inspired by the enormous quantities of trash in Friedrichshain, I created CU.GO. the Cleaner. CU.GO. (CU-rtis GO-ldstein) wants to make the world a cleaner place, and he does not discriminate between trash, and trash-makers. CU.GO.’s favorite movie is Scorsese's Taxi Driver (1976), and he likens himself to the human in the film named Travis Bickle, a vigilante psychopath who decides to clean up New York City. His mantra is an altered version of Travis’ famous line from the movie, with rain and wash replaced by fire and burn: Someday a real fire will come and burn the scum off these streets.