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spray paint
8ft vertical X 15ft horizontal

Some people consider it a personal right to not have to wear a mask and thereby risk infecting others with the deadly Coronavirus they might be carrying. This is the same as thinking you should be allowed to blow tobacco or cannabis smoke in a baby’s face. People ride the trains with their masks under their nose or chin, so they can quickly pull them up if Sicherheitspersonal steps on board, avoiding a fine of 50 Euro. For others, it is not about rights, but about being smarter, and not being fooled by so-called experts, who are part of a conspiracy to change the economy and control humanity. They think they are sufficiently knowledgeable to believe they risk nothing by ignoring the recommendations of thousands of virologists and epidemiologists. As if there were no facts, only choices, especially if what you are being told to do is an inconvenience. How many of these deniers honestly think people wearing masks look foolish? How many know what is right, but do not want to be burdened by having to consider others? Personally, I find people who reject science extremely foolish, and foolish looking with their noses hanging over their masks.